Art service and consulting


Cultural project

Our activities are focused on art consulting and cultural scene in France and USA. Our services are defined with clients according to their needs and to each project's specifications. Our mission is to help both artists and professionals involved in the artistic field to set up, coordinate and follow up with their projects .

Art Advising

Galerie Sauvaget maintains a researched and art-historical approach to art advising. We work closely with collectors so that their individual interests and intended vision are coherently expressed through a curated collection. Our advising services consist of concept development, sourcing, valuing, and acquiring works of art.  Galerie Sauvaget has an extensive network of artists and artworks as well as an experienced and knowledgeable staff.  


Collection Management

Our guidance continues well beyond an acquisition as we tailor our collection management services to each collector. We facilitate and oversee the curation and installation of acquired artwork, including framing and lighting as needed.  Also assists with inventorying and photography to insure our client’s collections are comprehensively documented and archived. We also work with collectors to provide artwork valuations, organization for estate planning, and counsel on strategic deaccession of artworks.